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Beast Boy looks up to Starfire because shes like a big sister to him. The team's interactions with Terra showed some of the most earnest and intense sides of Beast Boy's personality as he became her friend and lost her, but continued to believe in her and help her redeem herself. He is also able to transform into a gigantic alien dog form. This could suggest that threats against Raven's life seem to push Beast Boy to higher levels, signaling his affectionate tie with her. In his Werebeast form first obtained in combat with Adonis , Beast Boy possesses greatly enhanced strength, agility and speed, in addition to its heightened senses and combat reflexes.

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Coyote, chasing Control Freak. Beast Boy can transform his body into any known animal on Earth, and sometimes even alien ones. Cyborg is never hesitant to put Beast Boy in his place, especially if he feels that the younger hero is being rude or inconsiderate, however, he is just as often seen at his friend's side causing mischief with him. Beast Boy is incapable of speech in animal form unless he takes the form of an animal that can talk, such as a parrot, and his "natural" green coloring remains the same in any form, making him easily recognizable. Beast Boy was the first to suggest having her stay with them for good.

Terra on teen titans
Terra on teen titans
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After some ill-fated attempts to help her recover her memory, Beast Boy realizes that his experiences with Terra must remain in the past and decides to let her live a better life, while he himself embraces his life as a hero. Having transformed into most of the meat-producing animals, Beast Boy has lost his taste for meat and is now a vegetarian, which often gets him arguing with the others especially Cyborg because he constantly attempts to have the others adopt his culinary taste as well. That emotion is either affection or love. In other words, Raven might have started feeling emotions for somebody possibly Beast Boy.

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Terra on teen titans

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